Technical Information

Zero Condensation

  • Exclusive in The Industry

  • Our unique system makes condensation virtually impossible.

Wave's Vortex Filtration System

  • First and Only in The Industry

  • Exclusive to Wave Elite

  • Fast-Efficient-Effortless

  • A Must-Have System If You Run a Multiple Float Room Center

Precise Air Temperature Control 

  • Wave Float Rooms are the only float rooms that monitor and control the air temperature inside the float room and also outside of the entire fiberglass perimeter.

Wave Elite Vortex Filtration System

Fast, Efficient and Effortless
  • High speed filtration, over 78 GPM flow rate between clients

  • Minimum of Eight turnovers of solution between clients

  • Whisper quiet pumps, under 50 decibels (you will not even know that they are running)

  • Three points of suction for the most thorough cleaning

  • Instantly removes unsightly debis that has settled on the bottom of the tank

  • Automatic dosing of UV, ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide

Our Vortex Filtration System is the only system of it's kind in the industry. 

Standard Filtration System

For Wave Classic and Wave LS
  • Minimum of 5 turnovers of solution between clients

  • Whisper quiet pump, under 50 decibels, (you will not even know that it is running)

  • Automatic dosing of UV, and ozone.    (H2O2 dosing available).

  • Wave Classic can be equipped with a dual pump system for faster recovery between float customers

  • Easy to change, cartridge filter


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Precise air temperature control and zero condensation