Float Tank Benefits

1.Mindfulness- Self awareness

Similar to eastern practices such as Yoga and meditation, Float therapy benefits can be derived as a way to achieve a higher level of mindfulness and self awareness. By limiting and subtracting external senses such as lights and sounds, meditation practitioners are reported to be able to achieve deeper meditation at a faster rate while in Float therapy. Although many treat float tank benefits as stress relievers, a regular float tank users could achieve a deep state of meditation in under 15 minutes.

Float Tank and psychedelic experience

Although a regular period of float therapy has the same effects of prolonged meditation, a more extended period of exposure inside a float tank can cause unexpected side effects. Many people floating more than 2-3 hours per session have reported a side effect similar to hallucinating from psychedelics substances.

Due to the effect of perceptual deprivation, a float tank user may find themselves in auditory and visual hallucination. Therefore it is recommended that clients should use a float tank not more than 1-3 hours in order to gain the optimal positive effects from the experience.

2.Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Float therapy might not seem like a cure for anxiety, but it has had a proven records of mood elevation and brain relaxations. The calm meditative state allows your brain to release theta wave & Endorphins, easing both your mind and body. Float rooms can be a beneficial supplement that ease the effect of depression, keep in mind however that if you are diagnosed with anxiety and depression, it is more important to talk to medical professions to see if Float therapy might be suitable for you.

3.Higher Energy and productivity

It has been said by many productivity gurus that meditation and narrowing down your senses will give you a boost in productivity, especially in the fields that require high level of creativity.

Researchers conducted a study on effect of float tank on musicians skill level.

Oshin Vartanian of the University of Toronto and Peter Suedfeld of the University of British Columbia reported that floating in an Epsom salt solution one hour per week for four weeks boosted the technical ability of a group of college music students. This suggests small periods of exposures in float tank improve these students hand eye coordinations. There was also a significant difference in technical ability and levels of improvisation between the treatment group and the control group. The level of Float tank benefits of high energy and productivity in other area is still something to be determined.

Proof of Sports Athletes increase in performance from Float Tank

This might come much to your surprises, but a lot of sports athletes out there including big names such as Steph Curry have had Float tank experience multiple times.

Steph Curry’s Float Tank Experience

According to a piece by ESPN, Stephen Curry, Two time NBA MVP has been known to use a float tank every 2 weeks to keep himself in peak condition. Treated as a way to relax sore muscles and close himself off external stimuli, it also helps him develop more focus and clearer perspective for days after his float session.

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis, a former Track and field athlete who has won numerous Olympics gold medal has been reported to regularly utilize Float tank as a part of his training routine. He utilized visualization techniques to prepare himself for competitions.

Not only top performance athletes can benefit from regularly doing float therapy. Most clients undergoing float tank are regular people that often attends regular spa therapies, meditate to achieve relaxation and self awareness.

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