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4817 Kraus Rd., Clarence, NY 14031


About us

We take great pride in offering the most advanced float therapy systems in the industry, with our state-of-the-art flotation rooms to health-minded businesses at fair, affordable prices. .

From our start in 2008, we recognized that most floaters – from first-timers to enthusiasts – preferred the comfort of a room over a confining pod or tank. 

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4 Reasons to start a float room business

  1. Float rooms are gaining in popularity and profitable as well. 

  2. Easy to start your own float business or add a float room to an already established business.

  3. Fits into several wellness niches including massage, chiropractic, holistic, and wellness centers, and athletes love them too.

  4. Proven health benefits for mind, body and spirit.


At Wave Float Rooms we offer everything you need to get your float room business off the ground. From affordable financing programs to all inclusive installations. Making your float room a success is a top priority.


Compared to our many competitors, you will find that Wave Float Rooms are flowing with innovation. 

Contact us today or complete the form below to get an instant quote to start your own float business or add a Wave Float Room to your wellness center today.