Health Benefits


For many years, people around the world have enjoyed both physical and mental benefits of floatation therapy. The Wave Float Room offers your customers a open peaceful space to escape the stressful and hectic work life. As you are lying down in the pool of water and pure Epsom salt, you will find your body physically float on top of the water, much like the famous salt lake in Jordan’s dead sea. In order to have a true sensory deprivation experience, we ensure that the room’s air pressure and temperature is controlled to the 10th degree, as well as controlling the room’s lighting and sound to the desired level. Alternatively, underwater music and color light therapy can be added if preferred. From top to bottom, your body will stay at rest and at ease. Meanwhile, your brain is able to relax and get into a meditative state – perhaps even getting the famous elusive theta state. For the newcomers, it can be proven to be a one of a kind and magical experience

We are aware that users enter the Wave Float Room for a multitude of reasons, the benefits of a flotation therapy can be appreciated and enjoyed for days to come. Here are just some examples.

Enhancement to the mind, body, and spirit:
  • State of total calmness and peaceful relaxation

  • Alleviating curated mental and physical stress

  • Expands bodily awareness and intensifies all 5 bodily senses

  • Ramp up the physical healing process

  • lower the production of body’s cortisol and adrenaline

  • Increases production of body’s endorphins

  • ​Relieves pain from injuries arthritis and migraines

  • ​Boosts immune function​

  • ​Improves blood circulation and equalize the distribution of oxygen

  • ​Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

  • ​Improves athletic performance

  • ​Helps prevent sports injuries

  • ​Destroys fatigue

  • ​Better visualization

  • ​Deepens meditative state

  • ​Diminishes depression, anxiety, and fear