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First Things When Opening a Float Center

Congratulations You have conquered the first hurdle - You want to open a float center Now, what???? Get a game plan. Most often, new Floatation Therapy Center owners have never been business owners. This industry is all about helping people, offering a service that could change their life. Through pain relief, stress & anxiety relief, a clearer mind and the list goes on and on. But to open a float center you need some business savvy, some perspective of the earthbound part of owning and running a business. Most areas have small business mentor programs, women in business programs, etc. These programs can help you quickly get a business plan together. This will help you outline your location parameters, financing options, how to identify your local commercial building regulations and the mission statement for your Float Center. Set yourself a reasonable budget and stick to it. If you have business ownership experience. CONGRATULATIONS! During this time you need to identify your major cost factors. The build-out of your Center. Your float rooms - How many? What type? Each must include a shower and dressing area. You need restrooms, a reception area, utility room(s) washer & dryer area. Soundproofing, this can be a big one to sort out. There are many options out there, some are very costly. Your architect may know about this but many of the best soundproofing options and in the buildout phase. Again, this is a new area for many, choose the options that are cost-effective - not necessarily the most expensive. After all, the best key to a quiet float is for people to be quiet. Your location is very important. STAY IN A REASONABLE BUDGET. Do not get swept away by a space. Keep in mind that your space will be affected by outside at times. A busy street with cars and trucks brings noise and vibration ( that may be heard in the float). So right on Main Street might seem great, however, it may also present a problem if the building is right at the street. Fires stations, music venues, dance studio, etc. Also, a nail center, hair salon or restaurant can send unwanted smells wafting into the beautiful bubble you are creating. Working with architects, landlords, and building departments can be daunting. Sometimes, choices have to be made on the fly. It can be comforting to know you are not alone. Opening a Float Center is an adventure (even scary at times) filled with the unexpected. Here at WAVE FLOAT ROOMS, we would love to share your journey. Give us a call today!

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