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Floatation Therapy – The Ultimate Investment for Wellness-Centered Businesses

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

If you are already in the field of Self-Care and Wellness -

Congratulations! You are part of one of the fastest-growing trends in business. Offering multiple service options with complementary modalities gives your clients options for repeat visits. This increases customer retention which will, after all, help grow every part of your business.

Floatation Therapy is all the buzz inside the Wellness community. It is a perfect complement to any Wellness/Holistic Center, Massage Therapy practice, Chiropractic practice, Halo Therapy Center or Chrio Therapy Center. Also, any businesses relating to Physical Therapy, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Pain Management... the list goes on! Also, makes a great stand-alone business.

As you continue to look at adding floatation to your business you need to consider: Is there a community of users out there? Do I have the space to add this service?, Do I need a lot more staff to handle this? Is it profitable?

Wave covers it all!

Because Floatation Therapy is popular across all demographics; men and women of all age groups and for reasons from a quiet mind experience to migraine relief to pain management, everyone can become a client.

All Wave float rooms are designed with 3 key features:

- A perfect float experience for every floater, every time!

The key is perfect air quality coupled with perfect water temperature and automated deep clean between every float.

- Designed to beautiful and practical.

The unique Wave Float Room design with glass entry door, standing headroom at entry and flowing interior with spa light and music features that gives every floater the options most requested from complete darkness to light and music combo. Available in several models -Classic & Elite, both available in single and couples models and the LS model (can fit an area as small as 9’x9’)

- The automated feature of every float from start to finish and then runs the auto

clean. These hands-off operating features keep staff free to engage with clients, greet upon arrival and give personal instructions, set up additional appointments at check out and create relationship – the key to a great business.

- As an additional profit center in your current business, Floatation Therapy can

really boost your profits. EX: 1 float room floating just 4 floats per day x 5 days a week = 20 floats per week.

At just $60 per float that would increase profits by $1200 per week.

Here at WAVE we know you have a lot to think about and many questions, that is why we are here. From design to working with local inspectors, pricing and getting started, we can assist you in your journey into Float Therapy from start to finish.

Your first step?

Request A Quote and let us help you get started today!

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