​Wave Pricing

​Wave Float Room Pricing for 2020

Wave LS with the manual operation - $20,500.00. The most economical Wave Float Room choice. Interior float space 42" x 90". Manual operation gives you on/off control of all float room components like pumps, lights, and sanitation.  Session timing, clean cycles,  music, etc. will need to be monitored and operated by a staff member. Includes our, standard filtration system.


Wave LS with full automation - $22,950.00. This is your best float room choice if you have limited, or hard to get to space. Interior float space 42" x 90". Includes  **Full automation, and our single pump, standard filtration system.


Wave Classic - $21,300.00 to $23,750.00. Interior float space 57" x  96". A great midrange choice for a Wave Float Room with *Full automation. Includes our, standard filtration system. Available with manual control only.

Wave Classic Couples Size - $25,650.00. Interior float space, 75" x 96"

Wave Elite - $29,950.00. Interior float space 57" x 96". Wave Elite is your best choice anywhere for a *fully automated float room.

Includes our Vortex filtration system that is unmatched in the industry. 

Wave Elite Couples Size - $31,650.00. Interior float space, 75" x 96"

Open Concept Float Pool - Available in three sizes $15,925.00, (LS size 42" x 90"). $16,675.00, (Standard size 57" x 96"). $17,950.00 (Couples size), all with our standard filtration system. Add for our vortex filtration system on the standard or couples size pools, $5,175.00. Vortex is not available on the LS size pool.


**Full automation will free up staff members to do other tasks while float sessions take place. Session timing, regular sanitation, clean cycles between clients, music, lighting, etc. are all automated and will require little or no staff monitoring.

Installation options and cost.

Full installation and setup – $1850 We will perform the complete installation and setup of your new Wave Float Rooms.

On-site Consult your contractor – $1000 We will consult and guide your contractor with the installation of your new Wave Float Rooms. Travel expenses will be an additional cost.

No installation services will be needed If you choose to install the float rooms yourself or hire a local contractor, Wave Float Rooms LLC will supply an installation manual and phone support at no additional cost to you. Not recommended for Wave Elite.

Shipping options and cost.

Shipping Cost – Estimated for instant online quoting per time zone, between $950 – $3000, Typical shipping cost in the USA and Canada. The actual shipping cost will be recalculated and quoted prior to purchase. Travel costs will be an additional charge.

Delivery by Wave Float via our truck - If the installation is within the driving range, (within 850 miles of Buffalo, NY), we will deliver the float rooms ourselves. The charge for this delivery will include the travel costs.